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Sylvain Bianchi: ePortfolio

Hello everybody, my name is Sylvain Bianchi. Welcome to my ePortfolio. This is where you can learn all about me, my education, activities, goals, and who knows what else.

Garibaldi statue - Nice

I'm the head of professional services in a french software company (NQI). I've created this e-portfolio for my former the course of IAE, but it's actually a very good way to get a 'dynamic C.V.'.

My goal is to give a picture of my professional profile and to keep all the activities related to my career objectives.

This eportfolio consists of four pages :

  • Career objectives : in which I try to explain why I've chosen to work for the software industry and especially in a start-up company
  • Education : this is an overview my education after high school
  • Resume : here you can download my CV in english and in french
  • Contact info : here you'll find my personnal details